Congratulations to one of our students who got married yesterday.

Am so happy that JPOH is changing lives of individuals with autism and other special needs in Sierra Leone. One of our students got married yesterday. He has never attended school or a structured program, he started at JPOH two years ago where he is been supported with functional and educational skills. So proud ofContinue reading “Congratulations to one of our students who got married yesterday.”

Monthly Food Drive for our students at JPOH

Our students usually get two meals a day while they are at our day program, but due to the Covid Pandemic when schools were closed in March, we started a monthly feeding program to make sure our students continue to have a balance meal while they are home instead of roaming the streets looking forContinue reading “Monthly Food Drive for our students at JPOH”

Happy two year Anniversary to JPOH

Today we celebrate our two year anniversary of bringing hope to families with special needs children in Sierra Leone and the USA. We have also helped to educate so many families on autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and other special needs. We are educating one community and one city at a time to support, acceptsContinue reading “Happy two year Anniversary to JPOH”

Feeding of our students during the stay home in Sierra Leone

Ay Juniors Place of Hope, we provide two meals a day for our students and 98% of our students depend on this meal for their daily nutritional needs, but since the school locked down, some of our students have been seen roaming the neighborhoods in search of food. Today with the help of supporters, weContinue reading “Feeding of our students during the stay home in Sierra Leone”