What We Are About

At Junior’s Place of Hope in Sierra Leone, our mission is to provide support for individuals with autism and other special needs in a safe and supportive environment that will enable them  to achieve independence and spirit.  We strive to provide our students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be productive and respected members of society.

In the United States, we want to help immigrant families of African descent who have a child with autism or other special needs to navigate the system to get the best services  available to meet the needs of their child.

Sierra Leone is always a place where my family and I get peace and unconditional love.  Seeing everyone come together for family gatherings, always brings joy to my heart.  The community in my neighborhood have been sensitized to autism and disabilities, and have embraced our son Junior with open arms.  He participates in all community activities, and is loved by all.  I want that same acceptance for all individuals with special needs in Sierra Leone.