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Pan African Congress on Autism Conference 2019

The Pan-African Congress on Autism (PACA) is a collaboration between organizations, professionals and advocates of persons with an autism diagnosis across the continent of Africa. 

We are happy to announce that we will be presenting at the conference next year, 2019.

contact: info@panafricancongressonautism.org

register: www.panafricancongressonautism.org

PACA 2018

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JPOH Sierra Leone

Hello!  We’re definitely overdue for an update.

I’ve been in Sierra Leone for about a month now and I’m so pleased with the way things are moving along.  We were  fortunate to take part in the Kick Stigma Out of Autism event last month, which was a collaboration with the Sierra Leone Autistic Society and the Autism Sierra Leone Council.  The event had such a good turnout.  We were able to help bring awareness to autism, and had fun at the same time.

Thank you to all you wonderful souls who have donated, and continue to support JPOH.  With your generous gifts we were able to buy supplies, and the day program facility is well on it’s way to be fully equipped!

Supplies 9

collage 2

collage 1

The students have been registered and are all prepped for school to start tomorrow!

collage 3.jpg

God bless!


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Africans & Autism

Early detection is always best.  I consistently try to convince the African immigrants I meet residing in the United States, that early intervention is the best we can do for our children.  Many people in Africa are still not convinced that autism is a neurological disorder.  Some believe it may stem from supernatural causes.

Dr. Muideen O. Bakare’s Current Situation of Autism Spectrum
Disorders (ASD) in Africa – A Review, highlights a lot of these issues.

It’s definitely worth a look. Click the highlighted link above.

The section on negative cultural belief and practices, really hit home for me

Negative Cultural Beliefs and Practices

-Research finding observed that the aetiological basis of
ASD is still being explained by supernatural causes
(Bakare et al, 2009b).

-In Africa, witchcraft, demonic afflictions, evil spirits are
common acceptable mode of explaining aetiology of
ASD and other childhood NDD.

-Individuals with ASD and their families are often faced
with rejection, negative and derogatory comments,
further promoting stigma.

– To avoid stigma, families tend to hide away the
affected children from the society. This may lead to late
presentation and diagnosis of the disorder among
African children”.

There is so much help out there!  Don’t’ hesitate to reach out! Junior’s Place of Hope is here to help you navigate the system. (805) 604 – 5512.